Car Crash Ferrari F430 Spider Lands On Its Roof

In Lichtervelde, Belgium around 11:15 AM on Thursday an owner of yellow Ferrari F430 Spider landed on its roof after a failure of one of the tires.

The owner has no injuries, but the car suffered considerable damage. The repair costs are certainly in the tens of thousands of Euros.

Car Crash Ferrari F430 Spider Lands On Its Roof 01

Car Crash Ferrari F430 Spider Lands On Its Roof 02


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  1. looks like the car has just been flipped over with a forklift. there is no damage to the sides or the windscreen, you’d imagine it’d be all bashed in if it ended up like that.

  2. It really looks a bit suspicious, have to agree with Shawn. I mean if a wheel falls off at such a speed that it would flip the car the on its roof, at least the windscreen would be shattered.

  3. Why don’t people think before posting stupid comments ?

    The Vehicle clearly has significant damage.

    Front Right Wheel Arch and Quarter Panel totally destroyed

    Whole of Left Side of vehicle exhibits Scratch Marks showing at least contact with or drag against Road Surface.

    Left Wing Mirror Completely Desrtoyed which indicates the flip was Counter-Clockwise.

    I am neither a Genius nor Rocket Scientist, just a little common sense is all that is required to figure out the most probable scenario.


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