Car Crash Russian Porsche Cayenne Involved in Fatal Accident

On the first day of the Summer a serious accident happened in the Russian city of Saratov. A girl with the driving experience of only four months violated the traffic rules, crossed the intersection and a red sign while driving a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. At the middle of the intersection, she crashed into a BA3 2112.

The girl behind the wheel of a German SUV did not suffer any injuries, but the lady behind the wheel of the BA3 was brought to the hospital, but doctors were powerless. The 35-year-old Tatiana Artamonova died from her injuries.

The 20-year-old Laura Angelina will face a criminal case. It is worth noting the cynicism of Laura. The fact she killed a woman, she is mostly upset that the accident happened in the Cayenne her parents bought.

Car Crash Russian Porsche Cayenne Involved in Fatal Accident 01

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  1. Russians can’t drive cars. Please take all cars away and give these guys their donkeys and carts back. Thank you.
    R.I.P. driver of the Lada.

  2. First of all R.I.P. Tatiana,second:Luke how stupid are you?The comment you wrote is incredibly retarded.
    Just for the record,please dont start writing comments of lousy built Russian cars.In speeds of 160+mph anything can be destroyed,especially in metal vs metal case,the Lada driver was just cruising in the intersection with(as i saw in the video)30-40mph,she was hit by the Porsche right in the weakest spot of the car.Russian cars are uncomfy,not luxurious but damn strong.

  3. Alex – Is that short for Alexi? Russian cars are world renowned for being a) horribly unreliable b) wafer thin and c) death traps. Consistently some of the worst crash test ratings are given to Russian made vehicles. But at least they beat out China…

    And if you think that Cayenne was doing 160+ MPH then you, sir, are the… well, lets not use that word. Foolish? Yeah… If it the Cayman was going above 100 I would be shocked. Still, you’d be hard pressed to survive a side impact like that in any car.

  4. @zee + luke

    how can someone not drive when someone else blasts in front of them? you probably dont even have your licences

  5. I can easily see bribes and corrupted officials being played in this case, the girl will be free in no time. hopefully this will not be the case.

  6. @Charles:Alex is short for Alexander,im Greek
    have u ever tried to break a part of a Lada Niva?i dont think,come back with the results.Please show me something that proves your abc).

  7. She should never drive again. If you don’t have the brain to follow simple rules, you’re just worthless. And who in their right mind buys their 20 year old with four months experience a Porsche? An idiot does that.


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