Video 17x Ferrari 599 GTO at 2011 Ferrari Tribute

The following clip shows the complete compilation of all Ferrari 599 GTOs that visited the 2011 Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia in Rome.

The scenery was fantastic and the combination of all the Ferraris displayed created an unique and wonderful sound track. You will hear some nice accelerations, revs, Ferraris hitting the rev limiter, valves opening and numerous rev battles.

The video includes a nice variety of Ferrari’s. Can you name all the Ferrari’s visible in the footage?

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  1. 599GTO is propably my all time favorite Ferrari.Its the most powerful,and for me in a red body-carbon roof style also the most beautiful.

  2. Hmm. Ferrari 599 GTO is nice loking model, ans sounds great. But best Ferrari what sounds great and look, is definitely Ferrari FXX Evoluzione. That is a beautiful, most powerful and most fastest Ferrari. Soon is coming new generation Ferrari Enzo. Too bad is have maybe V8 Twinturbo. V12 TT sounds better.


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