Video AutoCar Reviews BMW M3 GTS VS Porsche 911 GT3

The guys over at AutoCar in the UK have compared the BMW M3 GTS with the benchmark in the world of sports car, the Porsche 911 GT3. Jamie Corstorphine and Matt Prior took both sports car to the Millbrook Proving Ground, which is a vehicle testing center located at Millbrook in Bedfordshire, England.

It is one of the largest vehicle testing centers in Europe, and it is near to the M1 motorway and Milton Keynes. They drove the Hill Route, which is divided into three sections or loops which contain progressively steeper gradients and tighter corners.

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  1. First off shouldn’t it have been m3 gts vs. gt3 rs?

    I actually thought the m3 might catch up on the straights.

    Imagine what the gt3 4.0 will do with 500 naturally aspirated horsepower.

    Comparing Porsche to BMW is like comparing an apple to somthing else that no one wants to eat. I’m not saying they are bad cars they could just be a lot better.

    Great video. That course looks like a lot of fun.


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