Geneva 2011 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

The manual transmission has an end of life with respect to the several sports car brands. More and more buyers of new supercars or sports cars choose the automatic gearbox in favor of a manual.

Only three percent of all Lamborghinis are currently sold with a manual transmission. Presumably, nearly all cars coming from Sant’Agata will soon have a robotic automatic transmission. By self-switching you can never reach 2.9 seconds to 100km/h, says Lamborghini. Still a DSG gearbox is not an option for the Italians.

Competitor Ferrari does not even offer a choice on its latest models. The 458 Italia and the FF are not available with a manual transmission. So this the end of the manual gearbox in a sports car? For some brands it will be.

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  1. most people want to cruise back and enjoy the car, not take it to the track each day.

    and hey, on most modern cars auto or semi auto is faster than the classic manual.

  2. Manuel era is over!

    Who is going improve on McLaren’s SSG gearbox or Porsche’s DSG gearboxes or Ferrari’s smooth and fast ones?


  3. Yeah, I like pedal shifters for the track, but i miss the clutch pedal. The best combination for me is like Ariel V8, Radical or Caparo. Pedal operated manual with clutch pedal. And I think the manual is still the best option for professional drifting.

  4. I like a manual gearbox on the road. For parking my Mazda it is just fantastic and I love switching gears. My fathers Volvo got an automatic. It burns slightly more fuel than the same car with a clutch pedal, it is noisier and it is actually more difficult to park in a slightly smaller place.
    But for the track it surely is the better option to have an automatic. The question is how often will I use my Lambo on the track compared to normal roads and what would be better?

  5. Its kind of sad. A manual gearbox puts the driver more in tune with the car. I have no doubt it is quicker in some cases to have the automatic, but this comes at the cost of some soul. My sports cars have always been M/T driving automatic just seems boring.

    Plus, as a professional drifter, I find its the best option for me.

  6. I can appreciate the plight of the professional driver, but for the rest of us the evolution of transmission shifting has made driving sports cards safer and easier. Anyone remember what how difficult some cars were to shift using a traditional clutch? and how much could go wrong if you didn’t get it right? This adds to mechanical longevity.

    And I know I will sound like a pansy, but the new clutches are probably more fuel efficient. lol

  7. in Japan auto-only drivers license is so popular that many young drivers think it’s just a waste of time and money to acquire a manual license.
    many young women think driving a manual sport car is “an old man’s fashion”…

  8. totally disappointed…
    I drove today in a driving test the Gallardo and I can tell that
    I couldn’t find a connection to the car because the automatic gear…
    manual gear = you drive the car
    automatic gear = the car drive you!


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