Video Supercar Exhaust Notes from Brazil

Brazil is not the first country you think of when you discuss exhaust tunes coming from a line-up of supercars. Still the economy is growing rapidly in the South American country and the upper class has money to spend on some decent rides like the ones below.

In the videos you will spot a Pagani Zonda F, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and a Porsche 911 Turbo PDK.

Please choose your favorite!


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  1. The Lambo for sure. I like the Porsche sound too but there seems to be some other noise picking up once the car starts to accelerate. I don’t think the camera is put at the right spot.

    Next we need to hear that new 12 cylinder in the Aventador.

  2. LP640 exhaust only sounds good when you pass about 7000rpm, im gonna have to give this one to the Zonda F. Porsche 911 exhaust is just too quiet for me


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