Video How To Drive a Sports Car - Pedal View

Some of you may know how a sports car should be driven with respect to steering, but do you also know how professional drivers use their feet? How they control the pedals while breaking, shifting and accelerating? The following video gives you an example of how to do it.

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  1. That’s cool but it lacks some explanation :

    – heel & toe (braking and revving at the same time while shifting) prevents from any motor hickup at downshifting, allowing for greater stability of the car in curves, thus greater speed, and allowing for gearbox to last longer…

    – braking is used (i) to brake !!! and (ii) to ease steering at greater speed(you keep braking until the middle of the curve to lessen understeering and favour oversteer)

    Would have been useful to get a video of the steering wheel moves at the same time…



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