Monaco 2011 Keating ZKR

The Keating ZKR is the latest from the UK and Manchester-based manufacturer. The vehicle showcased at the Monaco event was an early prototype and by the looks of it far from finished.

The Keating ZKRs boasts engine power from 600bhp up to 2200bhp via a twin turbocharged and supercharged setup. All cars are hand built in England to customer specific orders; which allows the company to tailor coach work and trim options.

The monocoque chassis has had years of development reducing the cars centre of gravity with dual low lying fuel tanks that are incorporated to increase chassis strength and performance.


  1. interior is awful, the design is too normal and hum drum, and over all it is not something i’m going to waste my money on.

  2. I’m glad to read that the show car “was an early prototype and by the looks of it far from finished”! ‘Cause I thought it looked really shoddy. Even so, the design is still copycat and dated! For a car offering incredible performance it should at least be offering Ferrari/Lambo looks if not Huayra/Tuatara (i.e. Birdcage) exotica. If Anthony Keating, along with Nelson Racing, is more your power guru he should offer his services to Jaguar in order to concoct a One77 beater one could drool over! If Jag are looking instead to turbines he could always contact his local Blackpool Russian about rekindling a popular seaside sports car firm.


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