BAC Mono - Single-Seat Track-day Toy

The BAC Mono is the latest in the line-up of track toys. The CGI images show – and we quote the manufacturer – a road-legal, single-seat racecar for the street.

The carbon fiber composite surrounding a FIA-compliant steel safety cell weighs a mere 1,200 pounds. The sports car is powered by a 2.3 liter, Cosworth-massaged four-cylinder producing 280hp. Considering such stellar power-to-weight, the company’s claimed 2.8 seconds to 100km/h, with a 273km/h top speed. The engine is linked to a Hewland six-speed of F3 racing spec.

A fully adjustable pushrod suspension is courtesy of SACHS Racing, brakes are AP 295mm ventilated discs and according to the company, Kumho developed a bespoke compound just for the Mono’s tires.

UK buyers can order a BAC Mono through high-end dealer SuperVettura, at a price of £ 67,000. BAC’s building only 35 Mono units for the entire world, with ten of them already sold.

BAC Mono - Single-Seat Track-day Toy 01

BAC Mono - Single-Seat Track-day Toy 02

BAC Mono - Single-Seat Track-day Toy 03

[Via Jalopnik]

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  1. Looks good, and I’m sure it will go like stink! However, I enjoy sharing the experience with others, but I don’t want them driving my car, so the fact that it’s a single seater has put me off.

  2. nice looking for this kind of project but its not really worth it i think.First there is only 1 seat,it is a bit heavy and there is not much power,finally the price tag is way too big for something like that i would buy a KTM x-bow 99 times out of a 100.It has a bit less hp but if im not wrong its lighter+its a 2 seater.

  3. KTM x-bow is certainly not lighter…at least 160kg heavier in fact…or two fully grown men…add a passenger and its like strapping 3 guys to the back of Mono!

    The standard KTM was 240bhp…so a full 40 less than the standard Mono. Dynamically the Mono is on paper a good deal better….longer wishbones…even weight distribution…engine low in the middle etc


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