Ferrari FF Drive Train

Ferrari has released a video showing the animation of the 4RM (4-wheel-drive) system outfitted to the FF. The system is the first ever to be used in a Ferrari sports car.

The luxury vehicle is capable of transporting four people and their luggage. The trunk offers space for at least two golfbags.

The Ferrari FF made its official world debut in Geneva. Check out our coverage including pictures and video right here!

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  1. Thats a new one, taking power for the front directly from the crankshaft,so it ends up having really almost like two transmissions

  2. My Gosh, I am so thrilled I wet myself : Ferrari just invented a 4-wheel drive system ! One day, we might even use this revolutionary idea on daily cars !!!! I can’t wait for the future…

  3. chdu would wet himself if he got into the 4wd ferrari..
    for his information half the tecnolgy in the cars today come from the ferrari..if it wasnt for the formula 1 we would be 30 years behind the think the japs invent anything they just copy like they always done take a look at there formula fomula 1 entry toyota could not make the league so tell me,where would we be with them..traction stability control abs eb brakes semi automatic gears where you think they come from .all these 4wd where you think they getting there tecnolgy from..chdu get real and drive your box..


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