De Tomaso SLS

Last week we told you about De Tomaso’s new car to be presented at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. It now seems that the new De Tomaso will be ready earlier than we thought, as it’s going on sale in the last quarter of 2011.

The name of the new De Tomaso will be baptized as the SLS what stands for Sport Luxury Sedan instead of the earlier announced SLC, meaning Sport Luxury Crossover.

The four-wheel-drive SLS, designed on an aluminium chassis of Pininfarina origine, is a BMW 5-Series GT-like saloon that will be offered at launch with a choice of two petrol engines, a 300hp V6 and a 550hp V8. A diesel engine should be in the works and will be confirmed later.

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  1. Sorry, but i think Mercedes will call them one day, and say that they cant use the SLS name. Just like Ford called Ferrari about the F150 name thingy. No one won’t confuse this to gullwing supercar. Anyways i think this is not a very good looking car, but i wont say that is ugly. It just isn’t the car we’ve used to. Gotta’ love the interior thou’. I would even say that is one the best looking interior i’ve seen for months. The best one is the Merc Cl’s interior. I just love a clean interior, with out any buttons or anything. I think someone should make a car interior that just is one touchscreen for the controls, like the heater and stuff like that, and rest of it would just be clean.

  2. I like this car. but not as a De tomaso.

    you know, it just dosnt look the money.
    if you drive a 458 italia down the road, people know how much you paid for it.

    if you drive this. while it may be as luxurious as a bentley. you will be the only one who knows it dosnt cost the same as a kia


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