Jaguar B99 Concept Study by Bertone Teaser

Bertone has released the first teaser of their upcoming Jaguar B99 concept to be revealed at the Geneva Auto Salon starting in less than two weeks. Following the release of the teaser image, released the first complete shots in a gallery of three showing us what to expect in Geneva.

The Italian designer Bertone is not new to the British luxury car brand Jaguar. In 1967, Bertone designed the Pirana for the Brits and there was the Ascot in 1977. The imposing four-door concept shows some resemblance to the previous line-up of the Jaguar XJ.

The concept gives us a first glimpse of the new entry-level model in vein of the discontinued X-Type. A superb design detail are the rear doors, which are half the size of the front doors. They open rearward – suicide. The sizes are 4.5 meters long, 1.95 meters wide and 1.35 meters tall.

The name B99 stands for 99 years of heritage. The company was founded in 1912.

Jaguar B99 Concept Study by Bertone

Jaguar B99 Concept Study by Bertone 01

Jaguar B99 Concept Study by Bertone 02

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  1. Beautiful. Definitely what the xf and xj should have looked like (a jag that looks like a jag, and not like a stupid lexus). Jaguar, build it, redeem yourself.

  2. Fantastic looking,could be said retro of the old 70s XJ6 coupe,trouble is, retro now passed it? ,suicide doors not exactly new,but Jaguar have a problem when the Insignia is not unlike the XF at a glance,so perhaps a little return to Jaguar old style could be welcomed. Hope SO.


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