Improved Design Features 2012 Lotus Evora

The Lotus story continues with new information in relation to the Lotus Evora. A revised Evora is on its way and it will try to bridge the styling gap between the current car and the new wave of Lotus models due to hit the market from 2013.

The exterior design upgrade is rather extensive. The front receives a new more aggressive radiator opening and it is believed to be heading for launch late this year as a 2012 model.

Lotus’s ex-Ferrari design boss, Donato Coco believes the present Evora’s traditional Lotus mouth is too weak for a modern performance car, according to British magazine Autocar. “Even many economy cars look more aggressive,” he says.

The 2012 Evora is believed also to have a revised interior with a higher level of standard equipment and a greater accent on quality.

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  1. I think that this is a fake photograph released to the internet. It is the same photo as the front of the current lotus evora brochure that seems to have been digitally altered. You may want to check with Lotus on its authenticity.

  2. Styling and build quality is NOT the issue, grossly overpricing versus a zepplin like depreciation IS. I know – I’ve owned them as I loved the Marque and sold ’em new – Len Streets of Chelsea – where I was once Top Lotus salesman for the UK!

    Price it right and it will sell, price it at a 100% bullet proof build quality Porsche and as proved it won’t! Simple, a moderately intelligent budgerigar could work that out Lotus!


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