Overkill: Melted Ferrari Enzo

Melted Ferrari Enzo

Unlike the title suggests it’s not really a melted Ferrari Enzo, but merely a fitting description one of our forum members gave it. This concept is designed by Hungarian artist Peter Simon as a vision for a Ferrari Enzo successor. Previously Peter designed a hydrogen powered bus by the name of Credo E-Bone.

A successor for the legendary Ferrari Enzo has long been rumoured but no official statement regarding a new Ferrari hypercar has been made by Ferrari. Looking at this concept we prefer to wait for the official Ferrari Enzo successor, but it we might see some unofficial renders of a new Ferrari hypercar based on the current design line (hint, hint!).

[Thanks to Rottie for the tip!]


  1. ohhh no it looks horrible.i know that rich people don´t know how they can spend they money but this is really bad.some people don´t have any style

  2. He was probably on acid while designing this, I dont think Ferrari would EVER build something like this. At least i hope not……


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