Two Tone Mercedes SLS AMG

With some areas around the world cluttered with supercars, supercar owners keep looking for ways to personalize and customize their vehicles by means of tuning, special colours or wraps or applied art. This particular Mercedes SLS AMG owner opted for something different with a black SLS AMG with silver gullwing doors.

We think we can honestly say we’ve never seen this on a supercar. We did however frequently see this on cheap and old cars that had an accident and replaced the door with the cheapest door they could find, often in a completely different colour than the rest of their car. What do you think; is the SLS AMG owner onto a new trend or is this overkill?

[Photo via Toby Lam]

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  1. Yup, looks like junkyard doors. 1st it was faded paint (matte paint), now it is junkyard doors….what’s next? Duct tape taillight? Boy the cheapest cars on the street now have the same styling scheme as the most expensive cars on the street. Cheap car’s owners must be ecstatic!

  2. Without the context and knowing for sure this owner changed the colors of his doors on purpose, I think its too quick to call overkill, and comment on how bad it looks.

    I’ve read already of mishaps with the SLS doors, obviously with them not being conventional, some owners/drivers have done damage to them while moving the car with them up…. I dont see any other “weird” styling on this car other than the diff doors, I would say its highly likely it had the doors replace…

    Now if the guy did so willingly and you have proof of that, then and only then would I clasify it as overkill. Just a suggestion.

  3. the sls has a technology which interacts to release the doors in case of accident and flips… if you flipped your sls the doors will automatically fall to release the passengers. on the picture they changed the doors its not a style


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