Bugatti Veyron Configurator

Online car configurators are very popular these days. Every single person can put together their supercar matching their personal taste. Bugatti now launched its new configurator which lets you choose from a staggering array of colors and options.

You can also customize the colors up to the smallest detail, such as air intakes coloured in a hundred different colors. We had a fast go and came up with this blue/yellow exterior combined with an orange interior, can you do better?


  1. @Steven: Klick on some random colors without thinking and post it in your forum.

    I think I can congratulate the author (oh that’s you) for finding the worst color combination with yellow-blue exterior and a brown interior.

    I only can hope that you never ever got the money to order such a car.

  2. @ Fico 850,

    With all respect, but check the dates and hour of both articles.

    (Autozona: 16.12.2010 11:16 – GTspirit: 15, 2010 AT 1:33 PM)

    Also, I do not see red-rims in my picture?

    @ Swank,

    Thank you! :-D


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