Car Crash Ferrari 599 Drifts and Hits Two Motorcyclists

The following car crash happened in Australia where a Ferrari 599 owner drifted into oncoming traffic and hit two motorcyclists. The accident happened in October and one rider was in a coma for two weeks and suffered a broken back and hip.

The Ferrari driver was found guilty of reckless driving in an Australian court and ordered to pay $6,000 to two road charities, but kept his license. The injured motorcyclist says the car driver never expressed any regret over the accident, despite Hosemans’ life-threatening injuries.

[Via Jalopnik]


  1. This just show how stupid Australian courts and laws are 2 $6000 fines for nearly killing two people and doesn’t even lose his license.

    Does anyone know what kind of sentence he would of got in America or Europe.

  2. In the US, I’m sure he would of been charged with reckless driving and speeding regardless his claim, if they don’t confiscate his license it would be revoked for quite awhile. And the fact that he was driving a supercar wouldn’t help him. He would have to pay a high fee to the victims as well.

  3. Well the driver also paid 700k+ in losses for his totaled car. Insurance wouldn't have come through due to careless driving charges. SO he really paid the fines + the price of his car. Potentially enough to make him learn. Lucky he didn't kill anyone.


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