Porsche 997 TT Porschat Edition

For Porsche owners who want an unique kit for their sports car can choose from a list long as the Mississippi river. Still, every day new kits appear on the market. This Porschat Edition saw daylight thanks to By Design Motorsport who combined serveral packages into one.

The 997 Twin Turbo Porsche includes a Misha body kit with ADV.1 wheels. The Porsche also got a GT2 styled wing blade, carbon fiber mirrors and a custom model name in carbon.

On the inside you’ll get leather, white stitches and a lot of carbon fiber outfitted within the steering wheel, door panels, center console, A/C surround system, a chrono package and the back seats.

Performance wise you’ll be able to get a RUF exhaust system, H&R Spings and RSS 7mm Spacers.

[Via L4P]

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