Video Idiots Driving BMW M3 E92 at Nürburgring

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is known for its demanding corners, sharp turns and idiots without any skills driving their fast sports cars on the track. It has remained a one-way, public toll-road for nearly 80 years except when it is closed off for testing purposes, training lessons, racing events or people crashing their personal family car. We highly suggest certain people – like the ones in the video below – not to enter the race track and cross the gates of the ‘Green Hell’.

Eventough, there is no general speed limit, speed limits exist in certain areas in order to reduce noise and risks. Passing on the right is prohibited and the police will prosecute poor driving with the aid of helicopters. It now seems that they had a day off when the following idiots in a BMW M3 E92 took ‘the stage’ and showed their skills at the Nordschleife.

If you do not have a proper guide nor the skills to drive the ‘Ring’, please do not try your luck and take the ringtaxi! For those speaking German, just listen to the comments of the passengers.


  1. OMG, what’s the point posting this video?

    They don’t even crash.

    OK, he misses 3-4 curves, but hey who wouldn’t if you don’t drive the Ring a few times/year.-

    Didn’t know the author is a Ring pro and besides that the Nurburgring sherrif.


  2. Lol Steven u ever have been on a race track?

    Think you’re the only idiot here, not knowing that you need to learn a racetrack’s profile.

  3. The Nürburgring is no racetrack during the “Touristenfahrten” it is a public road for which you pay toll.
    There are buses and slow cars driving the Nordschleife. There is defiantely no need for somebody who almost lost his car while driving with DSC ON!!!
    This stupid driver should be banned for lifetime.

    Unfortunately you guys who commented didn’t understand what the guys were talking when they drove. They had completly no skills and admit it with their rubbish which they were talking!

  4. “…and showed their skills at the Nordschleife…” Hahahaha very funny, what skills? :) Just no talent, and no brains, just park the pore car by side and leave it there, use bicycles to paddle around you imbeciles.

    Too much money + No brain + an Idiot = Big accident!


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