RK Motors tunes 1967 Shelby Supercharged GT500

A better couple than true muscle cars and the US is hardly possible. Next to the standard muscles there are several tuners bringing more passion into these cars. A new tuner, RK Motors, decided to create a package for a Shelby GT500, one from 1967.

In collaboration with Pro Touring Super Cars they have created a supercharged GT500. Starting with a standard 1967 GT500 they’ve come up with a real dream car. RK Motors added a rear cap and integrated spoiler, C-pillar and quarter panel scoops, nose cone with central mounted lights, 18 inch Coys wheels and a vented Shelby hood. Finishing detail is the Acapulco Blue paintjob with Shelby stripes.

Under the hood we spotted a modern engine, a 4.6 liter Supercharged DOHC V8 Cobra engine producing 444bhp and 495 pounds of torque. The 1967 Shelby also got a Magnaflow exhaust system.

As if this isn’t stunning enough, you can purchase the car for a price of $ 99,000 (€ 76,000 – £ 63,500), which isn’t cheap but not that expensive either for a car like this.


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