Essen 2010 Callaway Z06-RR

This is the Callaway Z06-RR, a street legal racer build by Callaway Europe. They outfitted the American sports car with a cage attached to the Z06 Aluminium frame, a AP racing brake system, GT2 spec wing, ZR1/GT3 front splitter, new exhaust system, Moton dampers, Motec wheels and a Lexan rear window.

The Callaway Z06-RR is one of the quickest street legal cars in Germany. No performance figures have been revealed, but you can contact Callaway Europe for more information.

Essen 2010 Callaway Z06-RR 01

After spotting the vehicle at the Essen Motor Show we found a video of the same car at the Hockenheim ring. Check it out below!

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