Video MP4-12C Presentation by Frank Stephenson

We came across the following footage showing Frank Stephenson revealing the new McLaren MP4-12C at the McLaren technology centre in Woking, UK. Stephenson left Fiat in April 2008 and took up the position of styling director at McLaren Automotive where he oversaw the design of the new MP4-12C.

The two seater uses a 3.8 liter twin turbo engine producing 595bhp (441kW) at 7,000rpm and 599Nm (442lb-ft) from 3,000rpm. 479Nm (353lb-ft) is already available from 2,000rpm. Unfortunately, the top speed and sprint times are not available yet. The engine is a low weight alternative to the larger capacity engines that power other cars in the 12C’s market segment.



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