Bentley Working on V8 Engine with Audi

Bentley and Audi are working on the development of an all-new V8 engine that will be heading into the new Continental GT towards the end of next year. The engine will also be used for a number of high-performance Audis. The 4.0 liter direct-injection unit has two main advantagers; lower average fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Not a lot is known at this stage, but according Whatcar only its CO2 output will be 40 precent below that of the W12 unit.

Stay tuned for more in the future!

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  1. Imo it should be naturally aspirated. It has a much better response characteristic and does higher RPMs.
    BMW´s 4 litre V8 should be the Benchmark.

    It would be finally a proper engine for the R8 with V8 – the current 4.2 is a bit like “corded up” at high engine speeds and has too little punch when it´s launched ;)

  2. BMW’s 4 litre V8 to run a car as heavy as the continental?? are you mad?? even the new m5 is having a twin turbo 4.4 v8 in it and i bet the bentley almost ways the same as that. I definetly think it’s going to be a twin turbo


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