Teaser 5: Lamborghini Concept for Paris Motor Show 2010

Lamborghini has shared a fifth teaser of their upcoming Lamborghini Concept with us. The roofless concept will make its official debut at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday.

Do any of you have a clue what this is? We think it is the back of a chair. You can clearly see the headrest and the red square steering wheel in the middle. It seems that the concept hasn’t got any roof.

You can check the full size picture right here!

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  1. thats the back of the seat ..well they said these new cars would be very light and they are totally made out of carbonfiber thats going to be one light car !!!

  2. they are making the jota but did not show it at the show and it was gonna have the all carbon fiber but way to expensive so partly carbon fiber / magneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeum/ aluminum. its goon have a 70050 hp engine and go 220 mph


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