Anderson Germany Ferrari Scuderia Edition

Anderson Germany has released its program called Ferrari Scuderia Edition. The looks of the car are changed to a silky matt/gray, with Scuderia strips in black/brilliant.

In order to reach the desired power improvement up to 575hp, the tuner offers a weight reduced valve commanded stainless steel exhaust system with three adjustable by remote control sound levels and 24kg/53lb. of weight saving. Racing cats, sports air filter and software optimization are added to the package as well.

The new wheels are three-piece 8.5×20 and 12×20 light alloy black rims combined with 235/30-20 front and 325/25-20 rear high performance tires.

Furthermore, you can find tinted windows, taillights and blinkers. Carbon exterior parts includes mirrors, a tail diffusor and several engine compartment coverings.

Carbon solutions are also available inside the car, here in combination with leather applications in alcantara leather and matt carbon look. A high-end sound system also belongs to the Anderson tuning program. Several audio amplifiers, system speakers and a subwoofer were added to the interior.

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