Mercedes SLS AMG impounded by Swiss police

Swiss police have impounded a brand new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG that belonged to a 37-year old Swedish guy. The black Mercedes SLS AMG was impounded after the driver flew past a highway radar in the Swiss province of Freiburg 170km/h to fast. The police clocked the SLS AMG at 290km/h where 120km/h is allowed.

We know the Swiss are strict when it comes to speeding but reports in German media suggest the Swedish driver can face a penalty up to 1,08 million Swiss Francs (about € 782.000). Therefor the police did not only confiscate his license but also impounded his SLS AMG as a security for the potential penalty.

In Switzerland every speeding offense over 30km/h to fast is considered a criminal offense and the drivers income and wealth is considered when the judge rules on the penalty. A spokesperson for the local traffic authority suggests this will apply to this driver as well and that would be a first as the income based fines in Switzerland so far have only been applied to Swiss nationals.

The Mercedes SLS AMG can only be saved by a really good lawyer or by swallowing the bitter pill, the advice to everyone else would be to take it easy the next time they visit this little country in the Alps!


  1. Shame on Switzerland…
    I live in this country since more than 20 years and some laws are just pathetic…
    Of course, the driver did a bit too much, but nobody deserves a 782’000€ penalty, it’s just not fair…

  2. This is though s***! But this will be the most expensive speeding-ticket in Switzerland by far!

    The irony is, that swiss sportscar drivers banging like hell on south german highways (the legendary Autobahn A81 from Singen to Stuttgart is a good example for that). But I have compassion for all of the guys who can’t drive fast in their homecountries…

    The Earl of R

  3. “the driver did a bit too much”??? Are you kidding? Do you know how long the braking distance is for such a speed? You can kill dozens of persons in less than a tenth of a second, should any slightest thing go wrong. If this a**ho*e can afford such an expensive car, and if human life has so little meaning for him, then a 800k€ fine is not even half enough.

  4. @Fred:
    I think that people who can buy such cars should be allowed to drive as fast as they want, they should be above the law, because they deserve it. They have worked hard to achieve such level of wealth, the state and the police should be more soft with those people.
    I know the braking distance at this speed. I just don’t care about human’s lives. I have true passion for supercars and speed. I just think that 782’000€ is trully dramatic, he doesn’t deserve it.
    If you want to speak about human’s lives and what they are worth, you should go to an other website, this website is all about supercars and speed, not human’s value. should be a good one for you.

  5. @Fred: I agree doing 290 km/h where only 120 km/h is outrageous but your comment is also a bit hypocritical as just across the border into Germany it is legal to do that kind of speeds, and there are people who do so on a daily basis when the circumstances permit. So you can say it’s illegal and he should respect the road rules in Switzerland but you can’t judge whether it was dangerous or not unless you know the exact circumstances.

  6. c’mon.. this fee for him will be like twenty bucks for ya all ;)
    They can charge him up to half monthly income so this guy shits money.. alot

  7. penalty shall be right , but not on that level of curse… will be interesting to follow this “story”.

    If you like speeding, (in Switzerland) do it in a car owned by a bank or finance-institute!!
    because it can not be confiscated. if they try to , you have a excellent lawyer paid by the bank on you side in court to get the car back…

  8. @Des: No it doesn’t.
    One tip from a Swiss resident -> Don’t speed above 146 km/h on the highway, above that speed, you’ll get into (serious) troubles.

  9. It’s not about the value of the ticket, it’s about your budget feeling that fine. Imagine if he’d get “normal” fine, like €500… Someone who drives such a car, can afford €500 fine to pay every day, therefore, won’t learn his lesson, so please, don’t be shocked, that’s the way tickets should be all over the world.

  10. @sam I disagree. same crime = same punishment.

    Prison sentences aren’t based upon a percentage of the person’s remaining life.

  11. yeah exactly, and all to those who complain, we all make mistakes. so did he, he could have killed lifes, but there are worse people than him, he can afford that car, some of u say he deserves it, some say he doesnt. but that tkt is realisticly too much! he can afford 500€ tkt, but thats already a lor, he might have worked for every penny he has, so its fair. dont complain, because youre not that weatlhy, so be fair and be on his side! life is not fair, but treat your fellows like it was yourself or get to know the person first to make a comment about him.


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