Video Switzer Performance Nissan GT-R with 1000bhp

The horsepower-race with respect to the current Nissan GT-R is ongoing and nothing will stop it, not even the limitations of the standard setup. It seems that 800bhp was not enough, 900bhp was just a small increase and that the real numbers are above a 1000bhp.

Switzer Performance Innovation is the real player in the game of achieving this magic goal. Although, it seems they have reached it. The video below shows a Nissan GT-R on a dyno. The results are a whopping 951hp on all four wheels and 804Nm of torque on all four wheels.

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  1. In top speed the cars weight doesnt count that much, but also 1000 and 1200hp doesnt have that much difference so interesting, very interesting!

  2. That car doesn’t even have the upgraded transmission, yet – the TCU is cutting power!

    Once the transmission is done (with Dodson) the car will make WELL over 1000 whp. Enjoy, guys!!

  3. +1 on what Jo said. This run is at 32psi with quite a bit of tranny slip on the top, barely making 951awhp. We have room in this package for up to about 45psi of boost, or 3 bar boost.



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