Video UAE Private Garage

Our current video of the day is this YouTube video of a private garage in the United Arab Emirates. The video was shot in Dubai to precise and includes a pretty nice line-up of vehicles. The person filmed just one row of the complete garage. We can hardly imagine what the place holds more.


  1. Ye, i pay 1,50 for 98 octane and 1,30 for 95 octane petrol on a country were the medium month pay is less than 500 euros. For this guys buy, maintain and fill this cars.
    And all i want is a RWD car in a country were afordable cars is all FWD. Even a AE86 is overpriced and if i what to buy a car in other country a pay a big amount of TAX joined with more TAX and even more TAX.
    Oh, buy the way, the petrol in my country have 3 or 4 TAX stages the acumulate after one TAX has been TAXED.
    By the way, the country is Portugal…

  2. My country is Greece and this garage propably is the kings one that his bank acount it the one of his country. By the way we pay much more for petrol and have smaller wages than you.

  3. Lol, i did not say it was just Portugal that is bankrupt, Greece is even worse.
    I think Spain and Italy are falling the same path.


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