Video Lexus LFA - Pursuit of the Perfect Pitch Commercial

In an ultra-modern audio studio, a Pearl White Lexus LFA supercar faces its challenger: a lone crystal champagne flute on a pedestal alongside a sleek amplifier. The vehicle’s keyless ignition is engaged, and its rear wheels start spinning on a dynamometer. The engine roars louder and louder, the speedometer clicks past 150, 160, 170mph. That’s when the glass quivers and shimmies until – kshhh! – the flute shatters in gorgeous slow motion.

This is just the summary of the new Lexus LFA commercial called Pursuit of the Perfect Pitch. The commercial follows after our road test in Monaco and shows how much effort has gone into the development of the unique sound of 552-horsepower engine, mastered by Yamaha. The LFA produces so much dB it can even break a glass.

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  1. “The LFA produces so much dB it can even break a glass.”

    And the SLS produces so much downforce it can even ride upside down.
    (translate: I’m a bit skeptical)


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