LP670-4 SV

Some people should keep their hands of supercars. It is proven again in the video below where you can see a driver loading a Murciélago LP670-4 SV onto a truck. Only problem is that the guy can’t really drive the Lamborghini and is clearly ruining the clutch of the white bull! It is a sad to see but there are worse things that can happen!


  1. Welcome to E-gear…

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the driver – it’s because of the semi-automatic clutch. E-gear doesn’t know when to kick and this is why you will find many E-gear critics. E-gear is a pain during parking etc. – I know this first hand.

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  2. lol. That is funny as hell. Totally the e gear’s fault though like MAMO said.

    That can’t be very glamorous in slow moving traffic up a slight incline. I’d be really embarrassed incase onlookers thought it was me being a poop driver.

  3. Hi this is the E-gear its not a M/T

    i think Lamborghini should start using DCT instead which i think is much better

  4. I have seen several video’s of Lamborghini’s being loaded and unloaded on and of truck but never saw this before! And now don’t say all video’s are with manual clutch ;)

  5. just use the brake pedal as clutch, get some steady RPMs with the gas with your right foot and then slowly release the brake with your left foot. only way I found to get the R8 with R-Tronic (I’d say it’s the same system – renamed) up a small incline in traffic.

    the car started falling down the slope as soon as you went off the brakes…anyone knows a better way to handle this situation ?

  6. well that is weird, because the F1 transmission on ferrari doesn’t work like that at all. yes, it has a higher minimum speed with the clutch fully engaged than a manually shifted car, but after 7 years of experience I’ve learned a thing or two.

    1: slightly push the gas and stay there. not as far so that the clutch fully engage, but not on and off as seen in the video. this method works for traffic and when driving up ramps, in parking houses, at ferries etc.

    2: I think the problem with a lot of drivers is that they get nervous, have bad shoes, and as a result they don’t manage to be accurate and smooth on the pedal.

    3: when it comes to left-foot braking while applying throttle I think that’s a bad idea. never worked for me. puts extra strain on engine and clutch.
    the system also get’s confused, because when you apply brake at very low speeds it will auto disengage the clutch. this especially while in reverse.

    just my thoughts, btw I only have ferrari’s, driven murcielago, but can’t say I have a lot of experience with E-gear.

  7. chris – so brushing the clutch just to stay stopped in one place when in traffic in an incline is the solution ? The clutch does not disengage when you’re on the brakes, so you rev the engine enough for the clutch to have like 50% slip and hold you on the incline, then release the brakes and start slowly forward.

    it’s a problem with idiots driving right up to your bumper, so rolling just a tiny bit backwards would result in insurance claim :-)

  8. Ondra!

    No, well at Ferrari’s the clutch disengage.
    What I mean is that when you need to be stationary you apply brakes (of course). this means in heavy traffic, in a very steep incline etc.
    if not you would burn the clutch unnecessarily!
    but when you want to move forward you want about 50% engaged clutch, because with 100% engaged the minimum speed is too high. and the system will auto disengage the clutch in order not to choke the car if you want to go slower. that’s when you get the ON-OFF-ON-OFF as seen in the video.
    not pleasant for the driver nor car.
    But as they say, this brushing do tear down the clutch rather fast, especially on older models such as 355 and 360. they prefer open road.

    this is what I have experienced with 355, 360, 430, 430 scuderia, california and 458.
    Though california and 458 are a lot smoother and easier to handle at low speeds, and the clutch engage and disengage smoother.

  9. Single clutch E-gear. The Gallardo has dual clutch so that never happens. To overcome this bucking, I let the car warm up before I take off. It helps big time. Hopefully the 2012 replacement will have Dual Clutch.

  10. The Murcie also has an auto function that switchs the E-gear to a less aggressive mode. It’s the botton to the right on the center console that has a picture of the car skidding. I use it when Im in traffic. Very smooth. Each gear switchs up at 3200 RPM. The auto downshifting is still the same.The key though is to still warm up the car before driving.


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