Rolls Royce Centurion Crashed on Railway Sidewalk

Some pictures bring back memories from the past and some leave questions open and unanswered. The following series is a good example.

Those passing thru Russian suburbs by train have a rare chance of spotting an one-off $ 450,000 Rolls Royce Centurion car next to a railway. The luxury car is resting on a railway sidewalk among common things like tires and wood.

The car – a Rolls Royce Phantom with a rather exclusive Centurion body kit – was custom built for a Las Vegas celebrity and sold to a Russian owner some years ago. The car received new wheels half-painted in black, new exhaust tips and a silver frame grille also covered in black.

The guys at EnglishRussia found out the car had been spotted before in better times and on public roads.

We are wondering why the owner left the car at this particular spot. Any thoughts?

Rolls Royce Centurion Crashed on Railway Sidewalk 01

Rolls Royce Centurion Crashed on Railway Sidewalk 02



  1. Maybe I´m wrong, but it seems to me that the car is stuck at that ditch. The wheels from the back don´t seem to be touching the ground…
    Strange anyway… Would the owner spent all his money on the car and didn´t have any for the tow?! :)

  2. This bodykit looks like a cheap chinese fake Phantom. Normally this car is a OVERKILL!!!!

    Maybe he was trunk when he bought the car. Sober again he parked it there, to get this ugly one out of mind!!!!

  3. Does any one know where this Phantom is located?, the original builder is offering to buy it back and ship it back to the US, it is one of two Phantom Centurions ever built, the other is based on a Parkward and is located in Australia,…..please locate this one,….its very rare


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