Car Crash Chevrolet Corvette Crash Takes Four Lives

The tragic accident occured when a driver lost control of 2007 Chevrolet Corvette in LA, west coast USA. According to the LAPD, three bodies – two men and one women – were found lying outside the car with fourth one still inside the car.

The sports car was traveling at higher-than-usual speeds before losing control and hitting a guardrail. After slamming into the guardrail, the Corvette skidded for several hundred feet and crossed a number of railway trucks before stopping – upside down.

The crash left car and body parts scattered along a half-mile stretch of Roscoe Boulevard, according to news reports from the scene.

It is unknown why four people died, a Corvette only has two seats.

Check out the video below which includes the news report.


[Via Topspeed]


  1. That is terrible. This is why whenever someone starts driving like an idiot, you tell them to let you out. The driver is a murderer.

  2. How dare you! You have no respect for the people the they left behind! Both of you are absolute fools, you have no idea what you are talking about. Have your loved ones die tragically like this then try and call them a murderer. you didnt know anyone in the car so.

  3. This is a really horribly sad story. My heart goes out to all their families because nobody would want to be in this position right now and people stop worrying whose fault this was because at this point all that should matter is the fact that these people died tragically and their families are completely destroyed.


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