Video Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 GT3 RS

What about a comparison between Ferraris latest supercar – the 458 – and the brand new Porsche 911 GT3 RS? Meaning digital against basic and Italy versus Germany.

Perhaps not direct rivals, but they are two of the most exciting sports cars available. Of course, Chris Harris from Evo magazine is the man in the driver’s seat. Enjoy!


  1. The 458 its just pornography, but its not the most good looking ferrari, i think the 355 is better good looking but thats just me. I want the looks of the 458 in a front engine sports car like a V8 Vantage or a TVR. The best good looking ferrari ever to me, is the 250GTO and then the 275 and in 3rd place the 275/4 Daytona. Has a machine to blast in the twisted roads i choose the honest and cheaper GT3RS.

  2. I like this guy as a narrator/reviewer. He’s chill and yet informative. Better than about anyone besides the Top Gear boys.

    Of course the 458 is the better car. It’s more sophisticated, employs way more technology, and costs butt-loads more.

    The GT3RS may be simpler, but it’s also more pure IMO. Likely is just as engaging to drive and you don’t have to sell one of your children to get one.


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