Video How Not To Wash a Ferrari Enzo

While attending a Ferrari day at Padborg Park in Denmark some visitors spotted this Ferrari Enzo at the hand car wash.

The Enzo owner washed the car himself, took the hose and used a microfiber cloth with sand. Check the result!

Certain owners should just not own such a piece of art!


  1. Relax its hurting you guys more than its hurting him.. thats a mistake he can fix by just writing a means nothing to him…. once you roll with big money, your view on valuables changes a lot..

  2. It’s paint on a car nothing more, it’s not affected the car itself just added a few swirls to the lacquer which can be buffed out.

    IMO it’s nice to see an Enzo out in the real world being used rather than keeping warm in a museum somewhere……good on this man for using his Enzo


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