Spyshots: 2011 Alpina B5

The lastest BMW 5 Series has just arrived at the dealerships. These spyshots reveal German tuner Alpina testing their own version. Like we are used from Alpina they will call their creation the B5 and we may expect it later this year at the Paris Motor Show in October.

The package will include new bumpers, a trunk-mounted spoiler and a four-tail pipe exhaust system. To make it look different form the passenger perspective we can expect exclusive wood trim, a unique steering wheel and plenty of Alpina branding.

Power will likely come from the M5’s twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8 producing 507bhp and 700Nm of torque. Details on what the B5 will be capable of are not known yet, but we expect Alpina to release more details soon. So stay tuned for more!

[Via WorldCarFans]


  1. I dont think the Alpina will get the same engine as the M5..as it would be in direct competition with it.. I think Alpina heads in a different direction to cater to a diff crowd.. I’ve always liked the understated look so lets see how they pull it off


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