Fernando Alonso Receives Bianco Fuji 458 Italia

Ferrari F1 driver Fernando Alonso got his personal F458 Italia. The prancing horse has a Bianco Fuji livery and black interior. The pictures were made by a Flickr member and posted onto the website of Teamspeed.

If you look closely you will notice the name of the F1 driver embroided into the back of both seats. The postioning of the driver’s seat is rather interesting. We all know that Fernando isn’t that big so they moved the seat a ‘bit’ forward.

The new Ferrari 458 Italia is the fastest ‘prancing horse’ ever built with a top speed of 325km/h (203mph) and a 0-100km/h sprint of less than 3.5 seconds. The 4.5-litre V8 engine with double clutch and seven speed gearbox offers a 570bhp at 9,000rpm and 540Nm at 6000rpm.

Fernando Alonso Receives Bianco Fuji 458 Italia 01

Fernando Alonso Receives Bianco Fuji 458 Italia 02

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  1. Ferrari never makes an ugly car. well until they go down the path of porsche.

    but they wont. because ferrari is the pinnacle of design and technology

  2. Ugly Car???…This is the ferrari that represents past and present designs….It is the best of both worlds a true road car…Unlike its predecessor the “boxy” 430 this car has true lines and a smooth sexiness to it…Not to mention since Schumacher helped with the design it also is very F1 esque….I honestly think this is the most anticipated car of the year…cant wait till it hits the states this summer…. Cudos to Ferrari for doing their homework and making an amazing car

  3. i liked this car at first imensely, but not relly liking it so much now, plus the curl on the bonnet, looks like its been damaged.

  4. it is a very ugly car indeed. technologically impressive, design-wise lets down, down down. plenty of kitsch, from the 3 exhaust pipes to the “fancy” LED head lights. Ferrari try again please! Remember the 355 and especially the 360 Modena next time! But in the end it’s a matter of taste…

  5. Yeah i dont get the people saying: Its ferrari cmon it cant be ugly!

    Yes it can. Ferrari isnt always the same as perfection, although most of their cars are mindblowing, i think this one is really ugly


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