ABT have already managed to get hold of a pre-production Audi A8 to present to us at Geneva. Modifications include performance enhancements, aerodynamic adjustments and a change of wheels. Essentially, ABT have aimed at including a few lighter parts with a bit of extra power to give the A8 a sportier feel.

The model presented is based on the 4.2 liter TDI model. ABT have upgraded the ECU to unlock an extra 35bhp, bringing the total figure up to an autobahn-munching 385bhp.

A new frontwing, rearwing and sideskirt aid the cars aerodynamics whilst also going someway to create the sporty character that ABT set out to achieve.

Finally, the ABT AS8 includes a set of new design CR wheels available as either 20 or 21 inch models. The benefits to the new tyres include their lightweight design as well as their powerful presence.

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