Video of the day - Lou Hei Car Park

Today’s video of the day shows the arrival of various European Exotics at the annual Chinese New Years ‘Lou Hei’ Dinner in Singapore.

The ‘Lou Hei’ is a dish that is commonly eaten to celebrate Chinese New Year. This video features the arrival of various Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and Maserati’s at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Singapore. So many cars turned up for the event that they couldn’t park them all in front of the hotel, so the second half of the video is shot in the hotels underground car park.

Photo Credits to Jeric photos on flickr.


  1. Nicely grouped… Around 2:00 he forgot to zoom out… I love the blue LP550-2, superb colour… They grey Gallardo Spyder looks good too… Maserati GranTurismo has a changed exhaust :)

    Anybody any clues on the kit the grey Murcielago has (around 5:14)?


  2. Lots. You will see a Porshe everyday, Cayman up, and you will encounter a Lambo every week. A Mazzer, bout 3 times a week. Aston bout a month once.

    And this is not from stalking them. Just from going about your regular lives.

  3. Sweet, had seen pics on the internet, but the video is nice. How was that organized? was it an exotic car meeting? is that a group that regularly meets?


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