Texan Trades Bugatti Veyron for Corvette ZR1

In Texas, USA, a local Chevrolet dealer didn’t know what happened to him when a customer came along with his Bugatti Veyron. That on itself doesn’t sound too spectacular, but when we tell you that the man came to the dealership to trade his Veyron for a Corvette ZR1, your thoughts might change. That is trading a $1.6 million car for a $100,000 car. The owner let the car at the dealership in exchange for the Corvette and some extra cash!

The Veyron coloured in a red-black combination only has 20,307 miles (32,490km) on the odometer. But lets compare both car’s sprint times from standstill to 62mph (100km/h), the Bugatti does the sprint in 2.4 seconds while the Corvette needs 3.3 seconds. When comparing the top speed of both cars we see that the Vette does 330km/h (205mph), which isn’t bad, but that doesn’t even come close to the Veyron’s 403km/h (253mph).

Also remarkable is that the man, who runs a petroleum company in Midland Texas, previously owned a Lamborghini Diablo and McLaren F1.

Maybe the man wanted a real American sports car?

[Via Jalopnik]

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  1. Well you can’t really take a Bugatti Veyron to get ice cream without 2000 SRT-4’s thinking they need to race you…

    But on the other hand, you can’t take a ZR1 for ice cream either with out 1100 SRT-4’s thinking they need to racy you…

  2. Wonder how much that Chevy dealership wants for it… Even though this Veyron example has a terrible paint combination I would be willing to pay the price of a ZR1 for it.

  3. forget that – how about the fact that the veyron has 20k miles on it – I bet most owners trailer them to car shows and have less then 2k on them. Hell, my parents have a 2003 Corvette with only 7k miles on it. So kudos to that guy for actually getting out and driving it.

  4. Reading some other articles from Texas he was sick of having it because it costs as much as a private jet to maintain.

    The reason the veyron has high mileage is because he drove all the time apparently. Reports of people seeing the car have stated he drove it as much as 300 – 400 miles a week when checking on job sites and checking on garages where he keeps his other collectible cars.


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