Prior Design Audi R8 Carbon Limited Edition

German tuner Prior Design that specializes in aerodynamic packages created a program for the Audi R8. The Prior Design Audi R8 Carbon Limited Edition features a tailor made bodykit for the R8 V8 and R8 V10, a new engine cover and carbon inlets, a C-pillar painted in the vehicle’s colour and a new bumper including a carbon fiber diffusor that is optimized for better air exhaustion. Prior Design added 20 inch dynamic wheels to their R8 Carbon Edition.

Inside the Prior Design R8 you clearly get where the name comes from; the center console, handbrake handle and doorhandles have been replaced with custom made carbon parts. In the engine compartment red carbon fibre is used to provide a colorful contrast. All aerodynamic packages for the R8 will be produced by Prior Design individually for each customer so special requests like the use of gold carbon fiber can be taken into account.


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