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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG by ASMA

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG by ASMA

Ever since the beginning of the project and its release Mercedes-Benz has been very proud on its SLS AMG. Nobody will say that they state anything wrong. From the very first moments the SLS AMG was a big fish for tuning companies ASMA Design got interested.

At this moment there is not a single detail known about the package, there’s only the picture shown. What we can see so far is that the ASMA SLS AMG will come with extra cooling vents in the front as well as on the hood. The front lip has a carbon fiber colour which probably means that ASMA will change a lot of original parts into the light weight material.

Please stay tuned for more!

[via Autogespot]


  1. ASMA = Shit. This “tuning” company is a total joke and only succedes in Mexicanifying everything it touches. You want a real tuning company talk to Techart or Gemballa.

  2. I’ll second that Spencer. The thing was really lack-luster to begin with. They were just unable to make it look better, this company is incapable of making anything look better. (sidenote, not related to ASMA) The car was supposed to be a modern interpretation of a classic design. The problem with these car companies that are doing this is that they incorporate too much “classic” where it does not belong.

  3. Haha click on the ASMA link within the article. They’ve made the overkill section two out of five times they’ve been on this site. Their motto “You can never have too many vents on a car”.

  4. The SLS was one of my interests but there was something missing thus I didnt buy it. Now would you take a look at this ! Stunning, mean, bulldogish, i love it. Now I am planning to get a normal SLS and send it to ASMA, congratulation guys, expect a call from me shortly, Great Job !!!! I would like to see the side and back tho.


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