Spyker Starts Production C8 Aileron in UK

Spyker Cars has started the assembly of its new Aileron supercar in their new plant at CPP Limited today. Spyker moved its production facility from Zeewolde in Holland to the UK. CPP will look to create around 40 new jobs taking its workforce to approximately 150.

Today’s news follows Spyker announcement last November and is in line with the company’s strategy to scale up production and reduce, where possible, costs related to the manufacturing process. The production capacity can reach five cars a week in one shift at the new plant.

CPP produced the first prototype cars for Spyker when Muller resurrected the brand in 2000. Muller said;

CPP has been producing our body panels for 10 years and we have an extremely close working relationship with the company. More than half our components are sourced from the UK, so moving here will bring us considerable efficiency savings which is vital for a car company of our size.



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