Video Matech Competition Ford GT1 Racer

The Swiss team Matech Competition has released a teaser video showing its FIA GT1 racer; a Ford GT1.

On their way to the Portuguese circuit at Portimao, Matech Competition stopped in Spain at the Ascari circuit to perform some tests. Testing will continue in February until the final presentation in Paris on March 1.

The footage is music to any car enthusiast’s ear. Just enjoy the symphony of the V8 engine!

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  1. Thats a Mean FORD GT !!!! BADASSS! Its supercharged not Turbo charged.. It would be better if it was equiped with turbos. Outputs upto 1120HP have been dyno tested on Ford GT models.

  2. Yes sir, that one is still supercharged for sure and it sounds nasty when he jumps on it and she starts to whine. You can find a lot of these that have been converted to twin turbo setups and putting down 1000+ horsepower. I love the car. I can also understand to an extent why they would stick with superchargers if Ford is paying the bill and they want easy to manage/smooth power delivery.

    I thought this was a good video and an excellent advertisement.


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