Canadian HTT Pléthore LC-750 480x280

It is a known fact there are supercar manufactures around the world, but a Canadian manufacturer is not the first you think off. HTT is the first in Canada to develop an unique supercar and it will be on display next April during the Top Marques Monaco event.

Over the last eight years, Canadian Luc Chartrand has developed a 750hp body&frame full carbon fibre supercar called the Plethore LC-750 weighing only 1149 kilos. The Plethore therefore becomes the only three-seaters with central driving position supercar available on the market for a long time. The new model is an evolution of the Locus Plèthore supercar uneiled in 2007.

The supercar will be powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine combined to a six-speed manual transmission.

A production version will be shown at Top Marques Monaco. Pricing will be around 395,000 Canadian Dollars, that is around €266,000 or $367,000.

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  1. @stevie wonder & ray charles: It’s a beautiful car.

    And it’s reasonably priced for a full carbon car… and I like the central diving position… and the brake calipers placed unusually low… and that it’s pretty.

  2. wow just what the world needed! (sarcasm)

    it doesn’t even matter how well that car performs. it is so sos os ososososososososo sos so ugly and boring and a knock off of a knock of times ten at the most!


  3. To those who think it’s ugly, I ask you would it be as ugly if it was made in your country? Would it be so sosososososo ugly if it had a ferrari or a bmw logo? Ya it does look like alot of other super cars but don’t they all kinda look the same? Just some food for thought. Not trying to cut up those who have an opinion but your nuts to cut this sweet ride up.

  4. yes i would say it was ugly if it came from my country too (sweden), i mean, just look at that rear end! looks lika a honda! and if it had a bmw or ferrari logo i would still say it was ugly! i think the new 458 and bmw m1 are ugly

  5. How does that look like a honda man you are smoking somehing wierd. this car is awesome looking. You wouldn’t have to look at it very long because whatever you are driving would be literally blown off the road as it flew past you at mach 1 (exageration intended) power to weight ratio to die for and its not a vet engine they start with one get rid of all the mistakes and end up with something that actually works right. don’t worry they are working on another engine that will top out between 1100-1300 hp. You just don’t make these things over night you know the big boys have been at it for decades and these guys have brought this to market in 7/8 years full carbon etc. I will take one if you don’t want yours anyday

  6. OH Yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA. I am in China and we are starting the celebrations early
    congrats HTT awesome looking car!!!!

  7. maaaaan im so proud to be canadian right now. this car is awesome i hpe htt can actually cntinue producing cars in the future and nt die out like all these other start up supercar companies (lotec sirius anyone?).


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