Overkill Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster by AE 480x280

Special editions are named special because they are, but some people do think differently. This No2/50 Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster from an owner in Beverly Hills was shipped from the Lamborghini dealership directly to several tuning companies in the neigbourhood.

The supercar was stripped down to the metal and the complete interior was removed. A matte black paint job with gloss black highlights and brand new interior was installed. But that was not all. It also got 19-inch GFG three-piece forged alloy wheels with a glossy black outer lip, matte black center and orange highlights. The custom made rims got Pirelli P-Zero 245/30/19 front and 355/25/19 rear tires.

The final modification was a full new audio system including Focal Utopia KIT 7 component 3-way speakers powered by two Alpine PDX series amplifiers with over 1600 watts of power, and an Escort SRX radar detector with the main controller mounted on the center console.

We personally think this is a bit too much, especially the way the audio system was implemented. Your thoughts?

[Picture via Autogespot]

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  1. Nice Work!!!! But i would have kept more of that orange color on the sides its a little too black for me …Nice stereo system too!!!

  2. 1. Its not a special edition if it wasn’t built or commissioned by the manufacturer.

    2. Who wants “GFG” written on their rear air intakes? Is this a sponsor car or a individual customer’s car?

    3. Never let a stereo installer put the name of HIS company on YOUR subwoofer box. extra tacky. In fact ANY writing on the box reduces the appearance and value of the work.

    4. Repainting a car, in a non-standard color for that year or make, reduces the car’s value. Why not just wrap it, so it retains it worth? Just because you can afford a car, doesn’t mean you should render it worthless. Only when the work is done by reputable tuner, like TechArt, CEC or Ruf, should you allow repainting – as these tuners work actually has resale value.

    5. Never EVER let a stereo installer handle the complete tuning of your car. A Stereo installer shouldn’t be contracting with a paint shop, wheel manufacturer, tire store or interior upholsterer on your behalf. Not only does it sound stupid, it is.

    6. An authorized dealer should always handle the complete job or you should go to a full service tuner with decades + experience.

  3. This specific LP650-4, which was one of only five imported to the U.S. out of a total of just 50 built, was repainted matte black upon delivery to its owner in California and lost its value as a collectible exotic. Now it has been purchased by a Saudi prince and shipped to Saudi Arabia. This has increased the value significantly of the other four LP650 Roadsters. As the owner of one of them (the only LP650 with removable hardtops, Larini high-flow exhaust system, European air horns, dyno re-mapped drivetrain/engine/e-gear transmission, low-restriction air filters) with the original factory exterior paint, my insurance company recently upped its replacement value to a “STATED AMOUNT” of $605,000 due to its more rare status since there is now one less Murcielago LP650-4 in the U.S.A.


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