ML Prototype pulls S-Class Prototype from ditch

The new S-Class Coupé and the next-generation ML are two Mercedes-Benz models that we hope to see unveiled at one of this years major motor shows. For now though, we suspect that there’s still a little work to be done on the final designs.

These shots show what happened when the S-Class Coupé, cold weather testing in northern Sweden, lost control on ice and took a dive into the ditch. To rescue the car, Mercedes-Benz mechanics bought in the next-generation ML-Class mule… which couldn’t do it. Only after attaching the ML to an AMG S-Class with snow chains did the S-Class Coupé finally make it out of the ditch.

The lesson from all this? Don’t expect too much off-road potential from the next generation ML Class!

[Via SpeedLux]


  1. From what you describe they had to piggyback the ML (that was attached to the S coupe) on the AMG and both cars had to pull to get the S class coupe out? or just the AMG pulled it out on its own? The text is a bit confusing.

    Also i’m no MB fan, but I think the off-road prowess of the ML cant be accurately judged from the pulling power it may or may not have on winter tires without chains.. Not that the ML is a full off-road car to begin with hehe

  2. LOL.. Once upon a time every SUV should work as… SUV.
    It doesn´t happen any more.
    This cars are now designed for the fat 18 years old daughter of someone rich in US or some lady in NYC.
    It does not have a 4×4 (that works) any more but it DOES have giant cup holders! Cheeers!
    Shame on you Mercedes! I know someone from yours will be reading this.
    And in order to give you an example that this 4×4 thing remais simple I sugest you to search at youtube for video of a Jeep from a company called TROLLER at the city of São Paulo.
    The helicopter from the news channel was showing a major flood at the city and then all of a sudden there´s a car that starts to move.
    What I mean is: This shitty cars compared to Mercedes, are doing theyr homework! Don´t forget to do yours!

  3. Both AJ and Ed said it very well. Agree with both of them.
    The ML’s pulling capability should not be judged on slick surface in winter, but it’s not a off-road car of any means.

    We had a storm in California recently and a BMW X5 stalled in 2 feet of water… lame. Same problem. Built for fat pigs.

  4. My 10 year old Ml55 AMG still beats up on American cars. I sure if that Ml was the 63 it would have pulled it out. Naturally aspirated is the way.


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