Video Bugatti Veyron Dressed up as a Mouse 480x280

Note: the following footage can offend Bugatti Veyron lovers!

Conan O’Brien dressed up a Veyron as a mouse in his late night TV show. Reason why? Mister O’Brien conceived a plot to waste a huge sum of money because of his fued with the NBC over The Tonight Show ending soon. So he was just pissing them off and fooling around.

Anything else? Yes, he introduced the newest “Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” character, while playing the classic Rolling Stones song “Satisfaction”.

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  1. Maybe he should have dressed up a Mac F1 or the Morgan V-twin, and see if anyone gets the Leno references~

    And yeah, its on rent only, so it cost what, 10 grand to rent for the recording? But good joke!

  2. What makes u think its rented? The point he’s making is to spend mad loot, not make it look like he is. There getting back at nbc, not pretending too lol.


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