New Ariel Atom 3 Pricing Unveiled 480x280

One of the best road-legal track cars is the Ariel Atom. For die hard trackday junkies it holds the most fun! This ultimate track car is now available for $49,980. For that price you get a sheet metal body shell with four wheels with brakes, two seats and a steering wheel. Oh yes, it also includes a 219hp Honda K20 engine connected to a six-speed transmission.

The base model is equipped with PBR single-piston floating brakes, double unequal-length wishbone suspension, limited-slip differential, Bilstein non-adjustable shocks, a cast alloy quick-ratio rack and pinion steering system, and composite body panels. As an option you can get a Wilwood or Alcon brake systems, adjustable shock absorbers, a quick-release system for the steering wheel, carbon fiber body work, magnesium Dymag wheels, and several other accessories.

Performance figures are not new to us all. Just to give heads up the Atom 3 is capable of a 0-60mph run in under 3.0 seconds and a 0-100-0 run under 11 seconds. That’s fast!

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