Audi R8 HRE

Sligtly tuned cars have caught our attention before and so did this Audi R8. Wheels Boutique, based in Miami, has put a set of HRE wheels – 20 inch in front and 19 inch in the back – on this Audi R8. Together with that they gave it a lowered suspension, tinted the windows in dark black and new exhaust system. It definitely looks like a car you don’t want to challenge in a drag race!

[Via L4P and Wheelsboutique]

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  1. No way, you can tell from the picture that the rear tires 295+ width and 20inches, Regardless if the car is AWD, larger rims are always placed on the back never in the front. In the Audi R8 there is a rear wheel bias of 70%, therefore, it makes sense to place larger rims and tires on the back.


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