Ferrari F50 with Tubi Exhaust

The sight of this Ferrari F50 being for sale will make most Ferrari enthusiasts heartbeat a little faster.

As you can see in the pictures this F50 has several modifications, such as a iPod stereo-system and a subwoofer. The Alcantara leather seats received a finishing touch with a huge Ferrari logo. Other details include a set of black rims, calipers with red logos and Italian flag striping on the wing. Last but not least the F50 is also equipped with a Tubi exhaust system.

Also notice that the odometer has not reached the 10,000miles (6,250km) barrier yet.

If interested, visit Dupont Registry. The F50 only changes owner for $788,888
(€544,775 – £488,770).

[via Autogespot]


  1. “iPod stereo-system and a subwoofer”… why not a disco ball and a dancefloor while you’re at it. This is blasphemy and I’m not talking about these hideous seats.

  2. #avalancer

    Agreed! Way too fancy for a Ferrari. It´s a SUPERCAR which should mean NO UNNESSESARY PARTS OR EQUIPMENT! It´s not supposed to look like a Ferrari museum, but it does, with all these logos!

  3. While I do agree that by definition a supercar should have no “unnessesary” equ. An F50 is an F50, and if I had 800k this one would no longer be on the market. You could always remove the parts, or equ. you didnt want.

  4. Are you serious? Your raising issue with the seats having the ferrari logo and there being a subwoofer and Ipod. Get real, seriously. For one most supercar sound systems SUCK. Also Ferraris are over the top to begin with and these simple modifications only compliment the car. I think this is a beautiful example and as far as modifications go very tastefully done. People looooooveee to complain, don’t they?

  5. “For one most supercar sound systems SUCK”
    In the F50 the sound system is the engine. Besides this car is a work of art. If you had a Picasso would you add some more blue because it’s trendy ? If you want to pimp your car buy a mustang but don’t mess with patrimony.

    (Now you can imagine how the ruined Gemballa/Enzo makes me feel)

  6. Your argument is ridiculous. I understand the sound system is the engine I’ve driven this car before. It does not ruin a car to upgrade a subwoofer and add the ability to listen to an ipod. The seats would not have been a choice I would have made but at this level switching them out is easy. This is an f50 A SUPERCAR don’t belittle it by nitpicking a couple of easily replaceable parts. I doubt that whoever owned this car was pushing around a trunk bumper it was most likely a tastefully done soundsystem. anyone buying an F50 knows cars and is an enthusiast if they weren’t they would buy some over hyped P.O.S. like a Mclaren Mercedes. Tastefully done modifications do not equal blasphemy. There is absolutely nothing distasteful about this car. And by the way it problably has nothing to do with trendiness but instead comfort and personal preference. And your right the enzo is stupid, but were not going apples to apples there. The enzo is the f50 of the future but gemballa totally f’ed that one up.


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